Protect Your Turf with Green Dream, The Next Generation of Outdoor Barriers.

The Original Green Dream Barrier allows users to designate borders quickly and cleanly in any outdoor environment.

Our Barriers reduce both installation and take down labor while increasing visibility of terrain obstacles when compared to traditional stakes with rope.

Inventor Stephen Patterson first imagined the Green Dream Barrier System while moving rope and stakes on hole #5 to control cart traffic at the Red Hawk course in Longboat Key, Florida.

 “I thought, if the rope were retractable, it wouldn’t have to be moved. Instead, I could open a spot and allow traffic to pass today, close it tomorrow, repeating the process to control cart traffic with ease.” – Stephen Patterson, Inventor

This innovative retractable barrier system also prevents grass stress and reduces time spent taking down barriers and putting them back up. Versatility is the system’s best advantage and cart traffic control is just one of Green Dream’s many uses.

Green Dream Retractable Barrier System

The Green Dream Barrier System is a state-of-the-art product offering a faster, more efficient and more professional alternative to traditional rope and stakes for cart traffic and pedestrian control on various properties. The system’s wide range of applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Controlling cart traffic
  • Roping off wet areas or irrigation problems
  • Drawing attention to dangers – drop-offs, steep inclines/declines, sinkholes, or washouts
  • Setting Borders for ponds, irrigation lakes, and creeks
  • Establishing extra parking areas for tournaments or events
  • Safeguarding wildlife, or any protected areas


  • Above Ground Height: 20” / 36″
  • Total Length 27” / 43″
  • UV Resistant PVC
  • 3/8” dia. by 6.5” length zinc coated steel spike for fast in ground installation
  • No-tip base feature
  • Retractable Nylon belt with braking system and quick connect.
    • 2” wide belt
    • Extends up to 10’ length
    • Allows for full size vehicles to pass through when needed.

Recommended Care

  • Clean with soap and fresh water
  • Dry belt before storing
  • Store in a cool dry place

Elevate Your Ground Game

The Green Dream Retractable Barrier System comes in 20″ and 36″ above ground heights. Both systems feature the same high-quality retractable head units and high-quality construction. The 20″ unit is perfect for cart and area control on the course, while the 36″ is excellent for controlling the flow of people in high traffic areas.

A Solution to the Language Barrier

The Green Dream Sign System attaches to any of our Barrier Systems to help you communicate with the public. Available in a variety of designs, our 12” x 6.5” signs are made from high-density polyethylene ColorCore material that withstands the harshest outdoor conditions without rust, delamination, or rot when exposed to UV, humidity, or water.