Sarasota, FL, September 9, 2021—Sarasota-based companies Green Dream LLC and ROBRADY design announce the next generation of outdoor barriers. The Green Dream Retractable Barrier system provides crowd management and traffic control with the added benefits of minimal set up time and negligible terrain disruption.

Years of experience managing grounds and controlling pedestrian and cart traffic on golf courses inspired Green Dream founder Stephen Patterson to create a barrier system that eliminates the shortcomings of conventional stake and rope barriers. To bring his vision to life, Patterson engaged award-winning product development firm ROBRADY design. Not only did ROBRADY handle design and development, but in collaboration with Patterson, the team leveraged its expertise with materials and manufacturing, digital design and marketing, and turn-key fulfillment to create a market-ready line of outdoor products.

The Green Dream Retractable Barrier system is a convenient all-in-one solution that requires less manpower, and once in place, its flexible barriers can be extended and retracted as needed. In addition, Green Dream’s highly-visibile design maintains the natural look of the environment while promoting safety – making it ideal well beyond the links for applications such as college campuses, construction sites, parks, and even beaches.

“It’s been an exciting process to see the idea come to fruition,” says Patterson. “ROBRADY’s comprehensive expertise has been invaluable creating an even stronger product than I ever imagined.”

About Green Dream

Founded in 2020, Sarasota-based Green Dream represents a revolution in retractable barrier solutions. Eliminating many of the drawbacks associated with conventional rope and stake barriers, Green Dream is ideally suited for golf courses, construction sites, campuses, and various outdoor settings where efficient and effective cart traffic and crowd management is needed.


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