32″ Green Dream Enter & Exit Stakes


Introducing the Green Dream Enter and Exit Stakes. Designed for golf courses and outdoor events, these stakes guide guests and vehicles efficiently. Made from Furniture Grade UV Resistant PVC, they stand 32″ tall and feature highly-visible “ENTER” and “EXIT” text for easy navigation. The stakes include a 3/8” dia. by 6.5” length zinc-coated steel spike for quick installation. Sold individually, they offer flexible placement to streamline traffic flow seamlessly.

Limited Time Introductory Pricing of $45 per Stake sold as 10 packs of 5x Enter and 5x Exit stakes.

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The Original Green Dream Enter & Exit Stakes allows users to quickly and cleanly designate entrances and exits in any outdoor environment.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 4.8 × 45 in


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